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A New Unicorn and Yeti Book!

It's time for some Fun and Games with Unicorn and Yeti!

Unicorn wants to play a board game. Boring! Yeti wants to play a card game. Yawn.

Unicorn and Yeti play hide-and-seek. Yeti is a pro, but Unicorn is not good at hiding.

They work on a puzzle together. Could there be more than one way to do a jigsaw puzzle? 

These two good friends do not do things the same way. They have to work to figure out how to play so that they can both have fun!

Unicorn and Yeti - Sparkly New Friends
Unicorn and Yeti - A Good Team
Unicorn and Yeti - Friends Rock
Unicorn and Yeti - Stuck with You
Unicorn and Yeti - Fair and Square
Unicorn and Yeti - Fun and Games
Unicorn and Yeti - Together
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Unicorn and Yeti - Cheer Up

never liked her middle name because it is pronounced like heiress and that sounded rather snooty to her when she was young. She was very shy and did not like to be noticed. Once she got brave enough to let actual human beings see her writing and someone wanted to publish her work, she decided her middle name just might be different enough to help people remember her name.


Heather likes writing books that make people happy. If she can make you laugh, that is even better! Heather is the author of the UNICORN AND YETI series as well as the picture books KICK, JUMP, CHOP! THE ADVENTURES OF THE NINJABREAD MAN and BEDTIME MONSTER.


She is the mom of three great grown-ups, the wife of a mountain man who became a farmer who is hoping to become a sailor, and grandparent to an adorable wiener dog named Daisy. During the day she is the librarian at one busy and fun rural community library!

Heather Ayris Burnell


"It's impossible not to smile while reading about the fantastical pair gallivanting through this petite early reader, perfectly sized for small hands. This charming book is divided into three short stories about the friendship between a sparkly pink unicorn and a fluffy white yeti... the engaging characters and simple stories are made all the more amiable by Quintanilla's whimsical, candy-colored illustrations. Humor and positivity abound in this winning series starter that is a natural fit for Elephant & Piggie fans." 

"Sparkly, innocent, feel-good fun for readers needing just a bit of extra support before moving on to early chapter books." -- Kirkus ReviewsPraise for A Good Team (Unicorn and Yeti #2):"Quintanilla's colorful, expressive art and Burnell's infectiously whimsical tone make their own good team... more sparkly, delightfully silly fun for Unicorn and Yeti fans."

--- Kirkus Reviews

--- Booklist

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