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​Unicorn has a horn and can do magic. Yeti cannot do magic. Yeti likes snowball fights. Unicorn is not so sure about fighting, especially with balls of snow. One thing this unlikely pair does know? They love being friends!
Meet Unicorn and Yeti in SPARKLY NEW FRIENDS, the first book in a new series illustrated by Hazel Quintanilla.
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Yeti is good at kicking the ball.
Unicorn is not. Unicorn is good at running fast. Yeti does not want to run at all, or does he? Unicorn and Yeti may be very different from each other, but playing together is always more fun!
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Yeti loves playing on the swing. Unicorn would like a turn. Unicorn loves eating peaches. Yeti would like to try one. Unicorn and Yeti find a sparkly rock. They would both like to take it home. Can these magical friends discover how to share?
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Unicorn has a gift for Yeti. Yeti does not have one to give to Unicorn. Yeti loves to crunch icicles. Unicorn wants to try crunching them, too! Yeti thinks the dark forest is pretty. Maybe Unicorn needs to see the forest from a different perspective?
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Yeti thinks triangles are the best shape.
But which shape is Unicorn's favorite? 
Unicorn paints a beautiful picture.
Yeti worries his painting isn't as nice.
Yeti baked a pie to share with his friend. 
What is the most-fair way to split the pie?
Best friends Unicorn and Yeti have lots to figure out!
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Together Cover.jpeg
Unicorn and Yeti watch things zip, zigzag, and zoom in the sky. Can they zip, zigzag, and zoom too? Unicorn wants to do everything Yeti does. Will Yeti have fun playing with a copycorn? Unicorn wants to have a fancy tea party. But Yeti just wants to drink tea! These two friends have fun times... together!
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Unicorn and Yeti Stuck with You.jpg
Bubble gum, stickers, and roller  skates --Unicorn and Yeti are sticking together through it all!

Coming December 6, 2022! Available for preorder now.
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