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Getting a letter in the mail can feel magical! Have you ever written a letter? Try it and make someone's day! You don't have to use magic to send a letter. Just gather the following supplies.

1. Paper

2. Something to write with (You can use a pencil, crayons, sparkly pens or whatever you like!)

3. An envelope and a stamp if you are putting it in the mail.

Now figure out who you want want to write to and write your letter!

Start with a greeting and end by signing your name. In the middle, tell the person anything you want! You can even draw a picture or tell a joke! Take a look at Unicorn's letter to Yeti to see how a letter looks.

Unicorn Letter.png
Adressed Envelope.png

You can make your own envelope too!

To address your envelope put your name and address in the top left corner. Put the name and address of the person you are sending the letter to in the center of the envelope. 

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